“By the way... I used the chalice to enjoy one of my favorite IPA's and it completely enhanced my drinking experience. The aroma was ten fold compared to my usually schooner or pint. I love Boneyard Brewery right now and their RPM IPA is one of the best I've had and I was convinced it couldn't get better. Your lovely glass proved otherwise. The nose was full of hop aroma and also allowed for more specific flavors to shine as well; grapefruit, citris, spring flowers.... it was pretty amazing. My husband loved it too! Thank you so much again. I feel so spoiled. :) PROST!”

Melissa Myer

General Manager, Espresso Parts


What They Are Saying

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Media Kit

“75% of taste is based on smell. So when you base most of your gustatory enjoyment on the way something hits your nose, it makes sense to have coffee cups that help your nose smell some coffee. Enter OFFERO® coffee cups.

The cup’s soft edges and sloped rim are beautiful to look at. It shows off the steaming cup of coffee in a way that makes the whole thing look like it’s in constant motion. But more importantly is how it shows off the other features of coffee. Just like how a decent pair of Madison Harding ‘Casey’ espadrilles can show off the wearer’s legs and beach-loving attitude, this cup can finally show off the gentle aroma of the liquid in the cup. Normally tasters place their hand over the edge of a cup to help hold in the smell, but now this sloped rim does that for you. It is basically a built-in artificial hand to shield the aroma, and it is cheaper than hiring someone else to do the same job for you (and less awkward).

So when you are wondering if you should be buying a pair of Michael Kors ‘Xaria’ or if you should try on a pair of Corso Como’s ‘Palmoar’ platforms don’t forget that good looking things can be functional as well!”


Portola Coffee Lab


"Hey Mitch, we have been putting that glass through the paces, my friend. And let me tell you, it is a spectacular glass! For presentation, aroma, and overall experience I don't know that there is a better beer glass anywhere! I honestly can't get enough of it! "

More testing from Black Shirt Brewery ...........

On to that Omnis stemmed glass - I had the pleasure of sitting down with several people this past two weeks to evaluate and enjoy beer poured into and consumed from the Omnis glass. Every single person that I drank beers with (and you should know that we had poured the same beers into five different glasses) said that the beer smelled and tasted better out of the Omnis glass than any of the other glasses we used. Every single person, every single beer, every single time. Without fail.


Black Shirt Brewing Company


“When you drink as much coffee as we do here at The LAB, you learn to appreciate the subtle nuances that distinguish each cup. The aromas of the coffees we taste are a huge part of this experience. Whether you’re a cupping aficionado or home coffee enthusiast (both visit The LAB on a daily basis!), OFFERO cups have a place in your daily coffee routine.We especially love the clean design and simplicity of how each ware functions.”

Julie and Jason at The LAB (LAB 5702)

“This might sound silly, but I am pretty excited that you might use a quote from one of our phone conversations. I am drinking from your mug right now!  It is amazing the difference in the quality and taste of our coffees by using the Offero mug.  It is like finally experiencing the full flavor and aromas of our coffees for the first time. 

Keep up the good work!  I hope you are well and have a great day.”


Kiva Han Coffee


Download our Media Kit

Is this the shape of beer glassware to come? If Colorado-based Offero, LLC has anything to say about it, their uniquely shaped glassware will soon be seen in many more beer, wine and coffee drinkers hands.

Offero's motto is: "drink. differently" and their line of coffee mugs, wine glasses, and beer glasses shows a distinctively different shape...read more >>

Dave Butler

Fermentedly Challenged


People always ask me (Courtney), "What is your favorite part about working on Crafting A Nation?", assuming that I would simply say, "the beer and food that I get to try". However the real answer is, "the opportunity to meet great people, and hear their stories." Crafting A Nation has opened up so many amazing opportunites for me to meet truly unique, interesting individuals. It is fascinating to hear...read more >>

Courtney Cobb

Crafting A Nation


Specialty Coffee  Association of America - BEST NEW PRODUCT

This award is based on the overall value of preparation and serving equipment in enhancing the quality of specialty coffee and tea beverages in the consumer marketplace (e.g. grinders, brewers, espresso machines, roasters, mugs, cups, thermal pots and servers).

"I own over a dozen different types of beer glasses, but most of them are now collecting dust because I find myself consistently reaching for the Offero when pouring a brew. It excels at highlighting the aroma that brewers work so hard to craft. The Offero glass provides a superior drinking experience."

Billy Broas


We also learned about the Offero glassware — a new way to increase the pleasure of your beer by enhancing the aromas in the beer. Hear what Offero creator Mitch Bangert has to say about his awesome glassware and the inspiration behind it...

Lisa Morrison

The Beer Goddess

On the Nose

Even the most novice beer advocate understands the significant role aroma plays in the flavor of beer. Indeed, one of the first things a fledgling beer lover learns is how to appreciate the aroma of a beer before even tasting it...READ THE ARTICLE >>

Beer Reviews by Prof Sudz

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beer Glassware: The Offero

Serious beer drinkers know that they have to be at least somewhat serious about what they drink their beer out of. Unless you're drinking macro lagers, which you want to taste as little as possible, its a given that you should be drinking...READ THE BLOG >>

Every once in awhile a product comes along that is so obviously functional one has to wonder why it took so long for someone to design it.

The Offero line of coffee/espresso mugs, as well as the wine glass line, really does focus the consumer's attention to the aromatics of the beverage. It's common knowledge that smell is a primary driver in taste, and the Offero design allows the consumer to focus their attention on their beverage of choice. The nose knows. Simple but elegant - a useful and affordable way to increase the enjoyment of almost any liquid beverage. I highly recommend this product.

Dan Cox

Owner and President of Coffee Enterprises

Colorado Artisans Collaborate to Debut New Brews in Trendy Glassware

When it comes to appreciating craft beer, glassware is an important, but often overlooked component of the drinking experience.  I’ve always been fascinated by glassware and I’m constantly on the hunt for new and interesting pieces.  If we were to just go grab a beer out of the fridge and drink straight from the bottle, we’d be robbing ourselves... READ THE BLOG >>

While I use many different types of beer glasses, the Offero is my go-to beer glass. I use this at home for most of my beer drinking, though sometimes I will match the beer to the glass. There’s something I really like about a barleywine in a snifter. And yes, when the dishes are dirty and there are no other options I might just pull out a shaker pint. I’ll go to a mason jar first though ; ) WATCH THE VIDEO >>

Billy Broas


The Omni Glass: Elevating the Craft Beer Experience

Following a request from one of our lovely readers, we sat down with Branden Miller of Black Shirt Brewing and Mitch Bangert of Golden-based Offero to chat about the Omni glass – a unique beer vessel specially designed to enhance aroma.

Bangert, who used to work in the art business, began Offero around the same time that Branden and Chad began putting their hearts and souls... READ THE BLOG >>