I love craft coffee, beer, scotch, bourbons and wine and go out of my way to attend every tasting I can.

February 2010 I was at a coffee tasting in Colorado. Tastings are typically done using Dixie cups. At one point during the tasting our host asked me  to cup my hand behind the Dixie cup so I could really enjoy the chocolate notes in this coffee… really get the nose of the drink.

Well, the light bulb went off in my coffee buzzed brain …. Why couldn’t you build the cupped hand function into a ceramic cup?? Why not indeed … the next day I contacted local clay artists, went to them with my design … and off to the races we went.

After three months we had a design for a 12oz coffee cup that looked beautiful and really enhanced the nose of your beverage. I secured a manufacturer and In June 2011 launched the Offero line at the San Diego Coffee Fest trade show.

The response was incredible from the attendees and we also won our first best new product award from the judges at the show! Less than a year later we received our second best new product award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America show in Portland.

The move into glassware was a no brainer … I do enjoy my scotch… and in November of 2011 we received our first shipment of stemless glasses and in June 2012 our first stemmed glasses arrived.

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The craft beverage industries are incredibly fun, inventive and supportive of each other and their vendors … it’s a privilege to be a part of it… thank you!

Slainte Mhath!

Mitch Bangert


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